Korean Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Kept Hidden From History

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I was just surfing a few sites, reading a few articles when I came across the following, Mass Killings In South Korea In 1950 Kept Hidden From History, at of all places the Huffington Post.

This Aug. 2007 photo, released by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, shows the remains of some of 110 victims of 1950 executions of political prisoners at Cheongwon, Chungbuk, south of Seoul, South Korea. The commission, which excavated the site, is investigating that and other mass killings in South Korea in 1950-51. A commission chief investigator estimates up to 7,000 were killed in the central city of Daejeon alone, and tens of thousands elsewhere. (AP Photo/ The Truth and Reconciliation Commission)

I hadn't heard about this South Korean Atrosity, as the article states: