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Financial Crisis Tracker
Sourcewatch has developed a great widget to keep a running tally on what some call "The Great Recession".

Below is their explanation of where the numbers come from and just in case you are shocked by that 4.71 TRILLION DOLLARS number in the Wall Street bailout section in there. (4.71 trillion dollars number is taken from at the time I wrote this post)

From Sourcewatch:

The Financial Crisis Tracker gives a monthly snapshot of housing foreclosures, unemployment rates and the total cost of the Wall Street bailout. The Tracker is presented in the form of a widget that can be downloaded to your webpage.

The Foreclosure number is generated monthly by RealtyTrac, a private data source used by newspapers across America. The RealtyTrac data is released in the second week of the month for the previous month.

The Unemployment number is generated by the U.S. Department of Labor and released on the first Friday of the month for the previous month. The larger DOL data set is rich with information about unemployment and underemployment in the U.S. economy.

The Wall Street Bailout number is our original calculation of the total bailout expenditures to date. Our calculation was peer-reviewed by economists at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington D.C. Our table tallying all government bailout programs can be accessed here.

Depression News: It's Still the Economy Stupid!

Promoted. Originally posted 2009-10-03 08:50:04 -0400. -- GH

Getting a strong healthcare bill is still top on my agenda, but let's not forget the latest on the jobs front. The idea that the "recession" had more or less reversed has always seemed to me to be nonsensical given the economic circumstances that the majority of Americans are now facing or realistically fear. Now we learn that job losses are escalating while unemployment benefits are running out for people who can't find new ones. Throwing money and more money at financial institutions is proving to be a chimerical solution--hich of course we all knew anyway.

All the talk about the danger of an escalating debt misses the point. as Robert Reich points out. The Truth About Jobs That No One Wants To Tell You.