legal corruption

Corporate zombies are not citizens. How to keep them dead?

These topics should be our bread and wine until forever after last week's coup de corp pitched us into battle for the last shreds of American democracy. I think this is it.

If there's nothing proven by the last decade, it's that the big money wins and will even get bailed out when they should lose everything. It's a progressively parasitic process: letting the bloodsuckers any deeper into our power will be fatal.

If we don't fight now. and we let an election pass under the corrupting filter established by the coup d'etat of SCOTUS, successive elections will ensure that Chamber of Commerce priorities become the law of the land, the likes of Tom Donohue, the President, and its lobbyists, our Congress.

What we allow corporations to get away with in the name of limited liability profit already kills millions and destroys a planet. It's a permanent battle in these United States, and responsible for the wars we wage outside them.

Wherever and whenever possible, I think we need to make 'personhood' the topic.  So here're a couple of very different ideas.