Help for Veterans

The following came in on a google news alert I have on Nadia McCaffery who's son, Sgt. Patrick McCaffrey, was killed nearly five years ago in Iraq. The reason I use the alert is that Nadia, and her Daughter-in-Law have been slowly growing the dream of helping other Veterans returning from the Theaters of War suffering from PTSD and TBI, her son was a medic. Their dream, in her sons honor, is called Veterans Village

This report doesn't cover 'Veterans Village' but Nadia was asked about her thoughts on this Congressional Bill.

House subcommittee passes amendment to help veterans keep their homes with a larger loan guaranty limit.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs loan guaranty limit was $144,000 — an unrealistic low, Siebold said. With the amendment to the veterans act, that limit may soon match the newly upped Federal Housing Administration loan limit of $729,750.

“It’s basically like the government is your co-signer,” said Siebol, who lives in Stockton. “It makes the loan a lot less risky.”