Al Jazeera English: Iraqis flee Cairo for safety in Baghdad

Much of the world is absorbed in the transformative events taking place across Egypt, the 85 million-person leader of the Arab world.

So have we.  I have been unable to break away from the live stream video @ Al Jazeera English until I was forced to when the stream proved unavailable this morning and I had to search up an alternative real time source, at Youtube

I thought that it must be time to step back a bit, towards normalcy, and all of the things that pile up on top of the priority list which must come before volunteering effort here...until I saw the headline for this video, and found the need to post it.

Thank God for Al Jazeera English, I remember back when the US had such media!

Iraqis flee Cairo for safety in Baghdad

I hope for the best, safest outcome possible to the people of Egypt and Iraq, and one that leaves to people of each country a destiny they choose and make for themselves.