Gibbs Outed as Republican Mole

Michael Collins

White House Press Secretary, Robert "the mole" Gibbs, was outed last night for his lead role in throwing the 2010 congressional election to the Republican Party. The White House refused to return calls to comment on the charge or verify the outline of the carefully orchestrated plot. But a variety of off the record sources spoke as one - the plot is real and has been going on long before the 2008 general election. The scope of the plot goes well beyond the upcoming congressional contests.

In a recent interview for The Hill newspaper, Gibbs used an entirely new technique in election tactics - offend and humiliate a key element of your voting block right before a critical election. Gibbs ridiculed progressives as part of the "Professional Left" and said, “They will be satisfied when we have Canadian health care and we’ve eliminated the Pentagon. That’s not reality.” Research indicates that this approach has never been used within 90 days of a general election.

But the story goes much deeper than simple electoral politics. The planned outburst has a short term benefit for Republicans but, as we will see, Gibbs is reporting to a higher authority.

Without a Trace: Sir Allen Stanford Vanishes, Sought By Authorities

From the BBC, US fraud charge tycoon disappears:

The US financial authorities say they do not know the whereabouts of Sir Allen Stanford, who has been charged over an alleged $8bn (£5.6bn) fraud.

The Texan billionaire has not seen seen since Tuesday, when the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint.

Maybe they should contact Dick Cheney and get the address for that undisclosed location of his.


Old, New, Borrowed, Green

(Cliff Palace, at Mesa Verde, taken by Lorax and released under the GNU FDL)

Michael Kanellos/CNET: Inside the green designer home
Upstairs, Glenn shows me one of his own inventions: movable, floor-to-ceiling closets. It takes two or more people to move one, but in a few minutes you can completely reconfigure your household storage.

Well, gosh. Take a look at the image of an ancient Anasazi village. From a builder's perspective it is also "green". Applying the new words of this modern generation, it is passively-solar, (likely) used rainwater catchment systems, was well-ventilated, and of course used locally-available materials.

We, the massively-consuming, 21st Century American public, are now in the process of attempting to relearn construction practices that more closely resemble those of indigenous people who understood the basics of "shelter" in the 10th Century. Brilliant.

And those "movable closets"? The ancients figured out a coupla things: only carry what you need to stay alive; and if you really need more storage, cut another shelf in the wall.