Continental-Scale Climate Studies, Climate Change on Mars and Miscellaneous Science News

From the Wall Street Journal,


Global-Warming Study Weighs Impact of Human Action


May 15, 2008; Page A10

A new study says humans have changed the world's environment more by warming the climate than by directly encroaching on habitats.

The research, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, also establishes a link between climate change and narrower, continental changes such as the earlier spring flight of butterflies in California, the earlier release of pollen in the Netherlands and the increased growth of pine trees in Mongolia.

An international team of over a dozen scientists, led by Cynthia Rosenzweig of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the Center for Climate Systems Research at Columbia University in New York, showed very strong indications based on studies done on a continental scale.

In other news,

Friday: Meteorite

Alicia Chang/AP Science Writer: Asteroid may hit Mars in next month
A newly discovered hunk of space rock has a 1 in 75 chance of slamming into the Red Planet on Jan. 30 . . Martians are advised to stay inside and duct tape their windows. That is all.
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Further evidence that spaced is the final cognitive frontier, the sadly defective minds at MSNBC have generated Do you remember?, a "50-question 2007 news quiz". If you consider stories on stranded or lost Boy Scouts, dying celebrities, and (my fave) some kid crying her eyes out while watching "American Idol" news, this is your quiz.