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Quote Of The Day From A Newspaper Man

In Sunday's Danbury newspaper, The News-Times, was an article which reports about starting today (Monday) the paper will no longer be printed in Danbury and 9 more people (the pressman) have lost their jobs. Several former co-workers which I have happened to see over the past couple of weeks have described the building as one big echo chamber because so many people have been let go.

An Indictment Against the Mainstream Media

Promoted. Originally posted 2009-01-21 13:39:52 -0500. -- GH

On September 15, 2002–six months and four days prior to the Iraqi invasion--I published an article entitled "Would Bush's Saber Rattle as Loudly Against China?", in the Portland Independent Media Center 21292.shtml (no one else would publish it at the time) that said the following:


Now that we've reached the anniversary of 9-11, I am consumed by one thought--in light of what I've seen over the past year I find myself much more afraid of Bush, Cheney, and Ashcroft than I am the al-Qaeda. While I understand that terrorists strike without warning to destroy life and property to promote their own agenda, it has become increasingly clear that Bush and his cohorts threaten to be even more destructive by attacking life, liberty, and the very foundation of this nation in the promotion of theirs.