Hoping for a full recovery: Senator Ted Kennedy suffers siezure, hospitalized

We are all hoping for a quick and complete recovery for Senator Ted Kennedy today:


Spokeswoman: Sen. Kennedy hospitalized with seizure

Associated Press Writers

BOSTON (AP) -- Sen. Edward M. Kennedy had a seizure at his home and was hospitalized Saturday, his spokeswoman said.

The Massachusetts Democrat did not appear to have had a stroke as initially suspected, Kennedy spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said. She said he is undergoing tests at Massachusetts General Hospital to determine the cause of the seizure.

"Senator Kennedy is resting comfortably, and it is unlikely we will know anything more for the next 48 hours," she said.

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New Hope for the Brain Damaged (possibly even brain-damaged Presidents)

And yes, the story is real.

The image above is a crop from an image found on lolpix, but the article is real -- click the image to get to the online version.

Another related story by the same writer (Margaret Munro of CanWest News Service) can be found here.

The lolpix image of the print copy of the CanWest article was first pointed out to me by Aurora_Bird on DelphiForums.