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Open Thread Torture

Valtin at dKos put this group of links together at the bottom of his diary which I am going to lift for an Open Thread. His diaries at dKos or Firedoglake are well worth reading to get a very thorough overview of just what we have found out concerning experimentation in torture on prisoners and authorized by the Bush administration:

Other coverage:

Emptywheel/Firedoglake - Allowing Human Experimentation under the War Crimes Act by Marcy Wheeler

Balkinization - Paging Dr. Mengele: Medical Experimentation and the CIA Detainees

New York Times - Study Cites Breaches of Medical Ethics Against Terror Suspects, story by James Risen

Harpers (Scott Horton) - Bush-era CIA Human Experimentation Program Revealed

Truthout - Human Experimentation at the Heart of Bush Administration’s Torture Program by Jason Leopold

BoingBoing - Experiments in Torture: Physicians group alleges US conducted illegal research on detainees (interview w/report medical expert, Dr. Scott Allen

Mother Jones - Did the Bush Administration Experiment on Detainees?

Nature - Medics performed 'interrogation research'
Counterpunch - CIA Experiments in Torture by PHR report co-author Stephen Soldz

Scientific American - Did CIA doctors perform torture research on detainees?

Washington Post - Without conscience: Medical experimentation and torture (op-ed) - PHR report: CIA personnel engaged in human experimentation

Empire Burlesque - Echoes of Mengele: Medical Experiments, Torture and Continuity in the American Gulag by Chris Floyd

American Prospect (Tapped) - Report: U.S. Experimented on Terror Detainees

UK Guardian - CIA doctors face human experimentation claims [Correction: This story apparently is from last year, referencing another story on an earlier PHR report, "Aiding Torture". I'm leaving it here for reference only, as the coverage is still germane.]

UK Daily Telegraph - Doctors Helped CIA Perfect "Torture" Technique

This is an Open Thread.