Medical Insurance Industry

We Are Being Hoodwinked and Bamboozled By The Health Care Reform Debate

When I read that the president had met with CEOs and other top representatives of the largest health insurance companies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies before healthcare reform was crafted by Congress, I had my doubts about the direction of health care reform confirmed


Will We Let Universal Healthcare Lead To The Outsourcing Of Medicine To Wal-Mart?

What if we get what we have been asking for and every American is covered by medical insurance? It sounds wonderful to be able to give everyone access to healthcare - I am all for it. In a perfect world we would be healthier, live longer and the costs associated with healthcare for businesses large and small as well as the individual would become affordable. However, in the real world if nothing is fundamentally changed about the way the insurance companies operate we will continue to head towards a system that will lead to a further demoralized health care work force, good physicians will continue to leave the system, access to healthcare will be further restricted, and a viable doctor patient relationship may become a thing of the past.