Tricky Dick Nixon and the original Deform of health care: "All the incentives are towards less medical care"

Ehrlichman: “… the less care they give them, the more money they make.”


So explains John Ehrlichmann in the 1971 recording of how we came to regulate practitioners of the "first do no harm" axiom according to the dictates of "mo money, mo money, mo money" principles (transcript here).

Like it is: Dr. Margaret Flowers talks with Amy Goodman after another single-payer lockout, from the WH Healthcare Summit

Amy Goodman's coverage includes talking with Trudy Lieberman of Columbia Journalism Review, who has paid careful attention to the issues. 

Lieberman closes her portion of the health care discussion segment with the topic on which President Obama chose to conclude the White House Healthcare Summit, yesterday. 

It's what I think of as the morality versus profits paradox that is concerned with the unwillingness of the world's richest nation to secure for its citizens the most basic assurances provided the constituencies of the rest of the civilized world.

Excerpted from transcript of DemocracyNow!

Trudy Lieberman: ...But I think we really still have no agreement on whether everyone in this country, every citizen, should have healthcare and the ticket to buy it. And I think the President was getting to that point at the very end, when he admitted, quite candidly, he does not know whether we can bridge the gap. And the gap that he identified was how are we going to cover the 30 million people that the government wants to cover and deal with getting everyone into a risk pool, dealing with the pre-existing conditions issue, which keeps people out of this, because in a private insurance market you really—insurance companies can’t really choose people who are sick, or they will go out of business eventually. So that is really the question that has not been resolved.

Of course, it is that paradoxical need which single-payer advocates suggest is answered with the sorts of "Medicare-For-All"-based solutions they have been striving to tell our lawmakers about. 

Medicare for All - February 25, 2010 Sidewalk Summit in Wasington's Lafayette Park

Video from the Medicare-For-All Sidewalk Summit came through this evening and Dr. Carol Paris is the first speaker!

She was the physician who joined Dr. Margaret Flowers under arrest, recently, when they attempted to take President Obama up on his State of the Union offer to hear fresh ideas that would address the stakes of the ongoing healthcare reform 'debate'.

Guess what Summit our single-payer heroes had received no invitation to participate in? Watch the Sidewalk Summit video here!

And tune in tomorrow when Dr. Margaret Flowers will be talking about Medicare-for-all and single-payer healthcare considerations on Friday morning's broadcast of DemocracyNow!.