The Incredible, Heartless, No-Pulse 'Deadeye' Dick Cheney

So, did you hear that he officially has no pulse now?

That doesn't seem to surprise many people, does it?

The official explanation is that a device -- a pump of some type -- was installed into his heart (?!?) after he'd experienced worsening conditions of congestive heart failure (CHF). The truth is, he hasn't ~really~ had a pulse in decades. This is just the best new way to disguise that.

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Odds and Ends for Monday Night

I just ran across a small diary on DailyKos that reports that the oldest daughter of John Edwards, Cate, was "fine" after being involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver on Friday night. From CNN

According to CNN affiliate WTVD, Cate Edwards's car was struck from behind in Chapel Hill, North Carolina Friday afternoon by a man who was driving at twice the legal blood-alcohol limit.

The Edwards campaign described the accident as "minor" and provided no other details.


I'd normally expect that in this news environment of media glitz and glamor ~any~ such incident involving the child of one of the candidates for President would be front-page material, if not headlined, across the nation. Even though this incident appears to be minor, the potential for overblown sensationalism must have been hard for the media pundits to resist. From The Associated Press:

In 1996, the Edwardses' 16-year-old son, Wade, died in a car accident. Wade Edwards was driving with a friend to the beach in North Carolina when a strong wind blew his Jeep off the road and it flipped over.

Perhaps there is something to the persistent cry of a virtual media blackout regarding the Edwards campaign.

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