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Army Suicides Soar Past 2008's Pace

The day after the shooting at a combat stress clinic in Iraq, new data released to Salon shows soldiers committing suicide at a record-setting pace. Is combat stress the reason?

The Army is on a pace this year to shatter the record suicide rate set among soldiers in 2008, according to data released by the Army to Salon. And the numbers, obtained a day after a patient at a combat stress clinic in Iraq killed five, suggest that combat stress may be contributing to the spike in suicides.

No link between abortion and mental health problems WSJ says, and tales of Rove

Since the Bush Administration's recent rewriting of definitions of birth control (Did you know that according to them, taking birth control pills is having an abortion?) is pretty scarey, I thought it would be useful to shed some light on a story the WSJ printed this morning, albeit buried on page D6. Hey, at least they printed it.

Stephanie Simon's article is titled Study Fails to Find Link on Abortion, Mental Health [Aside: I love how these titles telegraph the agenda: We were looking for a link, dang, fishing everywhere, but just couldn't make the connection! aw shucks.]

Women's psychological reaction to the procedure has become a key issue in the abortion debate, with some judges and lawmakers citing mental-health concerns as reason to impose restrictions on abortion.

Not Good News-Vets-PTSD

We need the Civilian population Now to come to the Aid of this Countries Veterans and start a Hard Lobby, to their Representatives, in Support of it's Veterans!

Especially for these Veterans of todays Conflicts, Support from the Country that was Overwelming, over 70%, in Favor of Invasion and Occupation and now Pays Little Heed to!

June 25, 2008

Contact: Amy Fairweather, Iraq Veteran Project (415) 252-4787 ext 356, (415)505-6558

AWOL: Soldiers and Suicide

The caller wasn't coherent.

All I could gather was that he'd been to Iraq and now he thought he was going crazy. At first he wasn't talking about what was wrong with him, but what was wrong with his insurance coverage. He was rambling, yelling, cussing, crying. I thought he was a recent veteran, but then it sounded like he was still active duty. I couldn't tell if he was out of the military or still in it. He wasn't able to answer my questions, so I let him vent for a while.

When he stopped to breathe I asked: "you mean you're active duty, now? You're in the military?"

Well sir, right now I'm AWOL.

Army Asked to Probe Duty Standards

Yesterday, 3-07-08, I quickly posted this about a Breaking story on Redeployment of injured, physically and mentally, Iraq and Afgan Vets.

I'm bringing an update to that post hopefully as a way to place preasure on the Pentagon and Congress to carry through with Spec. Bryan Currie, 21, of Charleston, S.C. request, through the Army legal channels, for the Court of Inquiry to investigate top generals at Fort Carson; Fort Drum, N.Y.; and Fort Hood, Texas.

Soldiers Want Answers, NOW!! {UpDated w/Video}

Has the Army not only lowered it's enlistment qualifications but also ignored the Health and Welfare, because of Physical and Mental health problems of already, once twice three time...., deployed Army Personal?

"Army policies and practices which permit the deployment of medically unfit soldiers."

A day after this: Screening for redeployment passes

A month-long investigation by Fort Carson's inspector general has found that screening processes for soldiers returning to war are sound, according to Maj. Gen. Mark Graham, commanding general at Fort Carson.
The investigation found that a lag in paperwork prompted Fort Carson in January to report that 79 soldiers who were deemed medical "no-gos" at a screening site were deployed, though the actual number was much lower.

Lets just say there should be None, Zero, redeployed into any Theater of Conflict!