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Nick Benton's Corner: I am a Human Capitalist

Posted by consent of author, Nicholas Benton, owner/editor of the Falls Church News Press.

Many readers over the years have asked me to put a name on what I stand for in terms of philosophy and public policy. While being reluctant to be pinned down by labels, here is my answer: I am a "human capitalist."

Movie maker Michael Moore deserves credit for uncovering some extraordinary lost film footage from the January 11, 1944 inaugural speech of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, footage that appears in Moore's latest film, "Capitalism, A Love Story."

Sicko Airs On TV Tonight

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In case you have not seen it yet...

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, that lightning rod of sociopolitical controversy, continues his provocative cinematic crusade with this incendiary, highly critical examination of the greed fueling America's private enterprise health care system.

Mike says: " "It's the War," Says Iowa to Hillary "

And adds -- And a "Happy Blue Year" To All!

Michael Moore has it partly right, a Big Part, for the Failed Foreign Policies, The War in Iraq and on Terrorism, of this Incompetant, Corrupt Administration will be defining what this Country faces for Decades!

We have Set In Stone, what many in the World, had already thought about Us. And in doing so have Created even More Hatreds, towards the Country, but even more Damaging, towards Us the Citizens Of!