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Military Spouses Deserve a Special Nod

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10, 2009. If you need a reminder just check your calendar.

What you might not find on that calendar, however, is that the Friday before Mother's Day is designated as a day of remembrance for another very special group — it's called Military Spouse Day.

Michelle: "It Hurts!!", "It Hurts!!"

I went over to ABC News to see if they had posted a video report that I caught last night, never got to that as this is what I found, and will be airing this morning on GMA.


Exclusive: 'It Hurts,' Says First Lady of Military Families on Food Stamps


Obama Supporters, ACTION NEEDED

I've come alot closer to my full support of Obama, I just don't ever make total decisions when elections are months away, I also don't just look at the single person trying to give their resume, I look at how they present themselves, smear and slam are big no no's, and I look at who they bring close to them in their campaigns and try and figure out, if they win, who will they surround themselves with while in office ( and I hit the nail on the head, which I do for a living, as to the bush crowd, not exactly reading the future but seeing alot of what was to come do so!

Arlington West - March 2008 - Honoring The Fallen

Originally posted Thu, 03/27/2008 - 16:55 - standingup

Before dawn every Sunday morning, at the foot of the Santa Monica Pier, volunteers set up crosses in memory of American service members killed in Iraq.

The Video was produced for the New York Times and can be also seen At Their Site