Wisconsin cracks down on reading by prisoners

As the United States leads the world in incarceration rates, some disturbing news come our way: Some of these inmates read books!

From Xoff at UppityWisconsin, check out this piece:

Wisconsin cracks down on reading by prisoners

by xoff - The bureaucratic mind never ceases to amaze.

Bad Faith Betrays Hispanics in a Milwaukee Primary Race

via Global Girl - Madison, Wisconsin - When I received a ring from a friend calling from the Government Accountability Board (GAB) informing me that the GAB had unanimously ruled against Laura Manriquez’ effort to knock both of her Democratic primary opponents, Jose Guzman and state Rep. Pedro Colón, off the ballot for a Milwaukee assembly seat, I felt true schadenfreude.

GOP Destroying World-Class Wisconsin University System

Wisconsin used to take pride in its university system supported by a bipartisan consensus to create a world-class educational facility.

Now, under the leadership of today's GOP-led state Assembly, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and its sister campuses are under assault, deadly assault.

From the blog Waxing America: