Minimum Wage

A '30 Days' Primer On Relevant Issues

Immigration, health care and minimum wage / living wage, 'teh gays' and Christians vs. Muslims in America.

All hot-button issues. All issues that the rabid right are woefully uninformed about.

And all issues that can be explored through a little bit of work...or the right sources.

I found a source that I'd forgotten about, one that may help educate some folks -- particularly those folks who are prone to falling for the fear-mongering bogeyman-like attack ads popping up with the intent of inciting and fomenting people against things they have been intentionally under-informed on: the cable series 30 Days by Morgan Spurlock, whose initial big claim to fame came from hit "Super-Size Me."

Check out some of the episode titles below the fold, and also the two video episodes that I've included. If you have any questions, criticisms or suggestions for additional informative stuff, please leave 'em in comments.

Thank you.

Workers Rights are Civil Rights

Worker's Rights are Civil Rights, by Leo Gerard, President of the United Steel Workers.. Courtesy of Campaign for America's Future.


This week the minimum wage rose by 70 cents to $7.25 an hour, a beggar’s lot really, but still corporations across America decried it. Good times or bad, somehow Wall Streeters walk away with $700,000 bonuses, you know, on top of their salaries, but a 70-cent minimum wage hike is never affordable.

Video-John Edwards on FTN: "It's Important We Get United as a Party"

Appearing on Face the Nation this morning, John Edwards stated, "It's important we get united as a party."

Edwards responded to Schieffer's question regarding Hillary's "hardworking white Americans" comments noting that likely she feels it was a poor choice of words. Edwards furthered discussed how "Hillary needs to decide as she makes her case for herself...she has to be very careful she does not damage our prospects for the fall." Edwards believes that it is not possible for Hillary to win the nomination at this point, based on the math.