An Open-Minded 'Bagger?

The other day, I invited someone to be friends on Facebook--we have a huge number of mutual friends, so it seemed the thing to do. I got back this message:

You ask me to friend you but you list yourself as "Very Liberal." No way dude. You are brainwashed to say and think wrong things. When you become an independent thinker, try me again.

What motive does the Army have to misdiagnose PTSD?

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So asks the two Salon writers, Mark Benjamin and Michael de Yoanna, following their recent series starting with the incriminating evidence, an audio recording by a Veteran suffering from PTS. Recording his visit because his wife couldn't be there so he needed a way to remember what took place in his session with his army psychologist.


A reluctance to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder could be about the money, and about the need for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The subject title and the blockquote above are what they use in their forth of four reports from last week. That all started with this audio from a session with Sgt. X and his army psychologist:


"You Picked the Wrong Fight Burr, The Wrong Fight Indeed!!"

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Rachel Maddow 'SLAMS' Republican North Carolina Senator Richard Burr because of his obstruction of confirming Tammy Duckworth to the Veterans Administrations



Fight some irrational propaganda -- MSNBC "poll" freeping by the Reich

Check out this poll at MSNBC.

The "reichwing" punditry has decided to mobilize their yawn-some power to "freep" and have all their keyboard kommandos rushing over to give Obama an "F" grade on his performance to date.

Why not balance it out a bit, and mosey on over to plug in an "A" or "B"?  (To really irk 'em, as it's an unscientific poll anyway, go for the "A"...and crush their weak little spineless gelatinous souls of darkened pitch like the pesky gnats that they are.), well -- guess I've got a stronger opinion about their lack of class and integrity than I thought.  I must still be decompressing from the relentless onslaught of reichwing propaganda from the Bush Debacle Years.

Making a Difference, by Doing the Right Thing!

After Evicting thousands of Families in the last year, and enduring many gut-wrenching episodes, at the bequest of the Big Banks -- Illinois Sheriff Tom Dart, finally said:


Rachel Maddow thanks Tom Dart

Convention Cattle Call for Citizen Journalists -- Genuine or Gimmick?

Well, this is one way to get into a convention as a citizen journalist:


Technology News: Video 2.0: MySpace, NBC Hold Citizen Journalist Cattle Call for Convention Gigs
by Keith Regan, TechNewsWorld, posted 06/26/08 1:56 PM PT

Already teaming up on, NBC and News Corp. are again partnering on another effort -- this time involving citizen journalism. NBC News, MSNBC and MySpace together launched the Decision '08 Convention contest, offering two MySpace members the chance to attend and cover the upcoming Democratic and Republican national conventions for them.


Starting Thursday and until July 16, members of MySpace over the age of 18 will be able to submit short video clips to the Decision '08 Convention contest, answering questions such as why they feel voting is important, how they'd get convention "scoops" or why they're the right person for the citizen journalism role.

[...more information at the link in the title...]


I wonder, tho, if this is simply a theft of the term "citizen journalism" for the purpose of a gimmicky self-interest play on the part of the web service providers...