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More Shocking Revelations From Bank of England's Mervyn King

In the aftermath of the provably orchestrated and Shock Doctrine delivered Bankster Bailouts comes the inevitable Disaster Capitalism delivered message of "austerity for you". Well? If you understand Shock Doctrine techniques typically used to get what they want:

Bank of England chief Mervyn King: standard of living to plunge at fastest rate since 1920s

Households face the most dramatic squeeze in living standards since the 1920s, the Governor of the Bank of England warned, as he reacted to the shock disclosure that the economy was shrinking again.

Families will see their disposable income eaten up as they “pay the inevitable price” for the financial crisis, Mervyn King warned.


“The squeeze on living standards is the inevitable price to pay for the financial crisis and subsequent rebalancing of the world and UK economies.”

It is inevitable! There was a shocking disaster and everyone has to pay for it!

Well? The plebes have to pay for it.

Coming from the same guy that the Bush State Department - as evidenced by wikileaks #cablegate - was helping to orchestrate the bailout of the banksters 6 months before Bush finally was ready to deliver the scripted announcement of the "unforeseeable market disaster".

But this austerity moment isn't well planned, in advance, Disaster Capitalism and as a result of this latest phase of that orchestrated Shock Doctrine like delivered disaster either, eh?

Will Obama forfeit a second term because of Wall Street?

With the defeat of the bill allowing judges to force mortgage restructuring on reluctant creditors, and now the defeat of the bill reintroducing limits on usury, the momentum toward real reform of the American financial system has clearly been stopped. There is now a rapidly growing danger that the lack of reform, coupled with the growing consensus in “the Village” that multiplying signs of economic “green shoots”signal that “the bottom is near” (see Arianna Huffington’s May 12, 2009 post, Wall Street, DC, and the New Financial Euphoria),  will leave the majority of Americans who are not rich dealing with prolonged economic hardship.

Oil Shocks and Greater Power for the Federal Reserve

How do you keep power when you cede the political ground?

By holding the financial controls over a country's economy.

Think it couldn't happen here? -- have you looked at what the Federal Reserve has been up to lately?

Naomi Klein gives one example of how it can happen when the population is not astute to financial shell game. In her Shock Doctrine, Klein tells the story of South Africa and how the ANC basically won the government but lost all power.


Take Back America 2008 Conference Part 1

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Notes from Take Back American 2008 Conference
March 17-19, Washington DC

I apologize for, first, coming to this conference at the very last minute and thus rather unprepared, and second for not being the world’s best note taker, and third, for not being able to clean up my notes and get this posted yesterday, the first day. I am at the conference now, and one good thing the conference organizers, The Institute for America’s Future, did was to make sure the conference rooms and public areas of the hotel are blanketed with a wireless connection.

I must also mention that the staff at Press Registration were very gracious, and admitted me as a representative of even though their deadline for press registration was a week past. Somehow, I just had not taken note of this conference, which is one of the most important gatherings of political progressives each year, before. Fortunately, had a good story on Take Back American 2008 on Sunday, the day before the conference started. I also would like to note the rapid and helpful response of Cho and others at when I contacted Cho by email on Sunday afternoon inquiring about the possibility of representing

Before I get to the panel, I will give a few general impressions. I was hoping to find a general sense of urgency from conference attendees about the general financial crises that have engulfed the U.S. since last summer, and are now seriously impacting the real economy. I found that sense of urgency only among a very small number of people. A worryingly large number of attendees still seem to focused almost exclusively on their particular area of concern, whether it be the environment, health care, or militarism. There is also a bit of a sense of weariness, as one panelist noted in a Q and A session, we have been spending a lot of time and effort the past seven years fighting the encroachments and outrages of the conservative movement in general and the Bush Administration in particular.

However, one significant event at the Conference occurred when Jack Layton, leader of Canada's New Democratic Party, called for a re-writing of NAFTA during his speech before the Conference luncheon. Layton is a current member of Parliament, representing the area of for Toronto. Provincial New Democratic Parties currently form the government in the province of Manitoba, and have previously formed government in British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and in the Yukon Territory. Layton’s call for reconsidering NAFTA is important because, in response to recent statements by Obama and Clinton, free-traders in the U.S. have insisted that there are no calls from U.S. trading partners for renegotiating NAFTA.