Nick Benton's Corner: McCain's Neo-Con Rant on Georgia

Posted with permission from Nicholas Benton, owner/editor of the Falls Church News Press,

McCain's Neo-Con Rant on Georgia

It must be appreciated that the current Russian military operation in Georgia comes in the context of eight years of a profoundly-destructive Bush administration thuggish, unilateralist foreign policy. The reckless Bush policy, including its unprovoked invasion and occupation of Iraq, has heightened tensions throughout the world and driven angry wedges where bridges could have been built.
Now, Russia is reacting to a perceived threat on its border much as it was accustomed to doing in the old Cold War days. They're not the good guys in this, but it is clear that the U.S. has been the bad guys for way too long.

KBR, Half a Billion Dollars in Payroll Taxes, Not Paid!!!!

During work today I caught the following on NPR's Here and Now which comes out of Boston, and while it was a real nice, and comfortable, bright sunny day, My Freaking Rage Level Hit Sky High!!!



Richard Norton-Taylor/Guardian: Deference to multiculturalism undermines those fighting extremism, generals warn
Britain is becoming a soft touch and a "fragmenting, post-Christian society" with a "misplaced deference to multiculturalism" undermining the fight against extremists, a security thinktank says.

They may be taken more seriously if they - and their American counterparts - hadn't gone tromping through the woods, invaded a home and eaten the occupants. Better they should take off the hat and gown, and leave off trying to scare the children. Long past the point where anyone is afraid of a cross-dressing geriatric wolf.
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Why are Wives or Husbands, Mothers or Fathers Sacrificing...

So much, while the Country isn't asked to Sacrifice a Damn Thing?

Today the puppeteers pulled the puppets strings and the puppet says it will veto the Defense Department bill passed by the House and Senate containing

The bill is important to members of the military and their families, since it provides for a 3.5 percent pay raise for the troops and contains measures intended to improve the much-criticized health-care system for veterans.

Not your father's GOP...

Now the GOP in Virginia wants votes to sign a promise to vote for who ever wins the state Primary. Even if you don't like the person or don't want the person in office, they want you to sign a promise to vote for the person.
If I was still in the Republican Party, and I went in to vote and they pushed that on me, I'd tell them to fold it five ways and put it where the sun don't shine.