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Dem Benedict Arnolds Try to Kill Net Neutrality

Michael Collins 74 Democrats signed a joint letter to the FCC supporting internet throttling by Verizon, ATT and Comcast. Throttling lets carriers slow or block internet traffic. This is a clear attack on net neutrality. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just endorsed net neutrality. But The Money Party is busy buying votes. Here's a Top Ten list of the biggest rake-offs by the 74 Democrats. They had a total take of $2.8 million with an average of $37,000 a piece from industry sources and lobbyists. No telling how many jobs, trips, and other favors were provided. The Money Party is nothing, if not thorough. Let your member of Congress know how you feel. Complaint letter to Congress

AT&T Throttles Internet Freedom For iPad 3G

Why is "net neutrality" important? Because it helps safeguard against the type of access control that AT&T is now implementing for users of the Apple iPad 3G.

If I was paying for 3G service and this happened, I'd drop the carrier -- and the iPad -- and move on to something else.

Wikileaks Is Down After Publishing Secret Australian List To Censor Internet.

Wikileaks servers are overloaded and cannot operate. They recently posted a secret list of a proposed banned sites.

According to Forbes, the scope of Australia's internet censorship has developed far beyond its initial aim to block child pornography and web pages associated with terrorism. Free speech advocates fear it could be used to block legitimate activity.

Wikileaks recently published a complete list of the proposed blacklist sites currently under review in Australia, under the guise of protecting the people of Australia from child pornography.  The Australian government has issued a statement calling the list a fake and threatening action against Wikileaks.  Wikileaks is standing behind the list's authenticity and has issued a statement informing the Australian government of their full rights to publish the list as well as a promise to pursue legal action against anyone attempting to censor Wikileaks.

Feinstein sneaks “network management” into stimulus bill

Thanks to Mark Crispin Miller for this headsup.

[UPDATE] If you are not one of Waxman's constituents, apparently you're unable to address him through the contact link above.  You can, however, write your own legislator easily, here

Look for "My Elected Officials" on the left, put in your zip and they list your representatives for you. Highlight the names you intend to write, and the server sets it up. Fill in your info and write your letter.

[UPDATE 2]One of Mark Crispin Miller's correspondents forwarded the following note: "I called Waxman's office in Washington and they said that he is a proponent of net neutrality and do not know how his name got attached to the Feinstein amendment. They also said that it will not be part of the stimulus bill. VF Mark, They consider the assertions that Waxman supported an attack on net neutrality an unfounded Internet rumor. He supports neutrality, and his office spoke forcefully that Waxman would oppose any such attacks.


An excerpt of The Register's report, US lawmaker injects ISP throttle into Obama rescue package, provides some detail, below.

Net Neutrality -- In the News And On the Edge, Or Not?

Is Net Neutrality now in danger, endangered by some of its former advocates? According to Scott Nichols of PC World and Dana Blankenhorn of ZDNet, no. But other might think so, based on a recent WSJ story where the lede misleads: Google Wants Its Own Fast Track on the Web

According to Nichols,

The Wall Street Journal today posted an article claiming that Google, as well as other Net neutrality advocates, were abandoning or softening their views on Net neutrality. The Wall Street Journal specifically attacks Google's OpenEdge project as a means by which Google can have its own content given bandwidth priority over other web sites.

Nichols has a harsh assessment of the WSJ as a result:

It is a simple matter of a publication favoring fear mongering over actual news.

Ouch.  And that's not all... Launches FreeSpeechTV Video Campaign

From the official Press Release:

Today Free Speech TV launched a public campaign urging Internet users to remember it’s our web, and not the property of large corporations. Find the launch page at

Free Speech TV is using the “It’s Our Web” Campaign to educate the public on the dangers of an Internet subjugated by a cartel of domineering big media corporations. Free Speech TV is also using the campaign to launch its new non-profit, non-commercial open-source based social networking community that can be found at

The video touches on issues such as online privacy/tracking, centralized ownership, and copyright, which have been hitting the headlines lately due to new incursions by big online media conglomerates including the widely distained “Facebook Beacon”.

A growing group of bloggers, independent media organizations, open-source developers, and Internet users have latched onto the video as a rallying cry for an Internet free of invasive marketing and advertising.

Below is the video they've released.

More information about FreeSpeechTV after the jump.