Net Neutrality; Blagajevich and the law

Open Thread

Josh Silver, in Huffington Post, reports on a widely circulated letter signed by more than 100 groups, urging President Obama to preserve net neturality and make media reform a priority.

"On Thursday, an alliance of more than 100 groups, unions, musicians, bloggers and media and technology leaders sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama calling on his administration to appoint leaders who will reform the media and protect the open Internet."

You can read the letter and add your own name here

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Yesterday the Illinois Supreme Court refused a request to find embattled Gov. Rod Blagojevich unfit for office. A. P. reports that the Illinois Governor's lawyer now claims that the federal wiretaps which are central to the case against him were illegally obtained, and therefore should not feature in the impeachment proceedings.

I don't doubt that Bagojevich is corrupt and no doubt unfit for office, but it seems to me that their are serious civil liberties issues raised by this case.

The issue of illegal wiretapping?

To what extent are his conversations protected under the first amendment.? Is this a case of political horse-trading run amok or was blackmail involved.? The wrong doing is obvious but was there a "criminal" offense.

Too often in the past eight years, expediency has been used as justification for flouting the Constitution and the internationally accepted norms of justice, as in the case of denying so-called enemy combattants in Guantanimo Bay the right to legal protections, and using torture as a procedure in interrogations. This has led to the blurring of  the legal protections of U.S. citizens as in the case of FISA.

In my opinion, how the charges against the Illinois governor are dealt with in the courts and by the Illinois State Legislature are important.  It is wrong to condone police-state measures whatever the despicable or threatening behavior of the offenders, and in the end far more destructive than the original offense.