An Aussie Visiting America - Boulder City Solar

During a trip in August, across the United States, one of the things I had planned was to visit a number of solar installations. Just out from Las Vegas, not far from the airport at Boulder City which flies people to/from The Grand Canyon, there is a substantial solar trough power station. Its output is 65 Megawatts, which using rule of thumb of 1,000 people per MW, can supply enough power for 65,000 homes whilst the sun is shining.

Open Thread - NV ACORN Office Raided

I just wanted to get this out really shocked me.

ACORN Nevada Office Raided

Nevada state officials on Tuesday morning raided the Las Vegas office of ACORN as part of an investigation into alleged voter fraud by the organization which conducts voter registration drives nationally in its work with low-income communities.

Edwards Evening News RoundUp: the Fight for America's Middle Class!

Thanks for tuning in once again, hopeful Americans

And welcome to what John Edwards has called "the Fight for America's Middle Class". This is a fight to reclaim a Voice in our Democratic process -- to speak up for those people, who need a Champion, like you and me.

1st a Question: Who is the Middle Class?