nevada caucus

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas -- even at the Nevada Caucus?

What did happen in Nevada, are any of us really sure yet?
Both of the Democratic front-runners, Clinton and Obama, are claiming victory. Hillary is claiming the popular vote and Barack is claiming he received more delegates. Along with this disagreement, there are allegations of shenanigans at caucus locations -- particularly in Clark County.
The Washington Post reports:

Aides for Sen. Barack Obama, who lost the first-in-the-West contest, announced they would ask the state Democratic Party to review reports that Clinton caucus organizers had sought to block entry to certain sites a half hour before the official deadline, as outlined in a Clinton campaign caucus manual.

Obama officials said they weren't contesting Clinton's victory and were seeking the review to prevent confusion in future caucuses. But Obama campaign lawyer Bob Bauer said the early closing times appeared to have had a "clear-cut disenfranchising effect."