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A serious protest, Oregon sues Oppenheimer

Sick of hearing about Tea Party Protests -- about Taxes going down?

Here's some "Protest News" that is worth knowing about ...

Oregon sues fund company for college savings losses
AP Executive Morning Briefing - April 14, 2009

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — State officials are seeking $36.2 million in damages from OppenheimerFunds Inc., which managed a fund responsible for steep losses in the Oregon College Savings Plan. Officials said in a statement Monday that risky, "hedge-fund like" investments cost the Oppenheimer Core Bond Fund 36 percent of its value last year — and 10 percent more so far this year.

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Meet Ben Ray Lujan, NM-03: A Champion of Health Care, Clean Energy and the Environment -- Discussion

Ben Ray Lujan Lauren Reichelt profiles Ben Ray Lujan in Man of La Gente - Ben Ray Lujan, NM-03.

Ben Ray Lujan is a seventh generation native of Nambe, New Mexico and is running for congress in NM-03, the seat currently occupied by Tom Udall. His staffers are young idealists. He supports energy independence through use of alternative technologies, sustainable agriculture and universal (even Single Payer) health care, all of which are consistent with the traditions of his ancestors. Come meet Ben Ray and the people of New Mexico Congressional District 03!

Read her profile and also enjoy the wonderful art by Roger Montoya.

Barack Obama Held a Rally in My Front Yard!

TheFatLadySings' commentary provides some up close and personal - cho; update originally posted 2008-10-01 11:38:31 -1100, bumped

The View from my Window "The last shall be first" just took on a new meaning for me.

Barack Obama held a rally in front of my house in Espanola, New Mexico (pop. 8,700). My community, which is usually ignored, attracts attention for high rates of uninsured (NM is second only to TX), and for leading the nation in overdose deaths. Espanola's citizens go unrecognized for their achievements. My Roof

Last Thursday, a crowd bigger than my entire town including upscale neighbors from nearby Santa Fe and Los Alamos Counties, was visible from my roof. I would like to introduce you to some of the people at the rally...friends and vecinos who struggle...friends and vecinos who have changed the way our country thinks about health care and economic justice, though we don't know them.

This is the story of our small community, our struggles, and our one big, wonderful day! (Scroll your cursor over photos).

Rocky Mtn Hijinx: NM Voter Disenfranchisement May Throw Nov Election to Repubs Again

-originally posted 2008-02-14 16:54:24- bumped. TheFatLadySings calls the New Mexico Secretary of State to find out what gives about the high number of provisional votes!

Voter disenfranchisement is a fact in New Mexico.

Although the Gubenatorial Mansion and both houses of the state legislature are comfortably controlled by Democrats, the systematic disenfranchisement that tossed New Mexico to Bush in 2004 threatens to throw the 2008 presidential election results to the Republicans as well.

Systematic voter disenfranchisement in 2004 occured in two stages. First, Governor Bill Richardson ushered a bill through the legislature establishing a February presidential "caucus" in advance of the traditional late primary. The "caucus" was actually a limited primary run by the Democratic Party rather than the state.

Richardson probably favored the "caucus" as a means of improving his own chances at the presidency by pushing New Mexico to the front of the voting pack.