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Katrina Shorthand vs. the Federal Flood: Why This Matters

Often when people including those in government and the mainstream media who should know better refer to the events of 8/29, it is merely as "Katrina" or "Hurricane Katrina".

There were actually two catastrophes that happened that day: the storm, which passed to the east of New Orleans, devastating the Mississippi and eastern Louisiana Gulf Coasts, which was a NATURAL disaster, and the falling apart of New Orleans' federally-built and maintained levees, which was a MANMADE disaster due to poor engineering.

While the use of Katrina as shorthand to cover the two events is easy (I've even done that at times) it's misleading because of the implication that the flooding of New Orleans was a natural disaster. And this matters.

"The Old Man and the Storm"

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Last night, 1-02-009, on the PBS News Hour they held a discussion with "Frontline" correspondent and filmmaker June Cross who describes her documentary "The Old Man and the Storm" which will air on PBS's "Frontline" on Jan. 6th, New Orleans: Three Years After Katrina.

This is a timely documentary more than three years after Katrina and especially as to the way the Government has been handling that compared to the extremely quick bailouts of the financial institutions in the present economic collapse and at other times when the corporate elite demanded their political friends come to their aid. There are three short video's at the 'Frontline' site that I'm embedding below, the third one touches on just that, especially as to the promises made by the President bush and other Government Officials and to the rapidly failing 'free market' 'trickle down' economic policy of the GOP.


Katrina, McCain and Bush: "McSame" (h/t DailyKos)

You can find it on the ePluribus Media Katrina Timeline handily enough -- perform a search where "summary" contains "McCain" and see what record pops up. When I tried it, the record found provides a brief summary and links back to the source article on the White House website: a wonderful photo essay of John McCain and George Bush, celebrating a birthday and having a party...just where you'd expect the Commander in Chief to be, instead of paying attention to one of the biggest natural disasters to strike our nation in years.

What does Mr McCain have to say about it? Well, he appears torn on the issue.

McCain, in New Orleans today:


"I want to assure the people of the Ninth Ward, the people of New Orleans, the people of this country: Never again, never again will a disaster of this nature be handled in the terrible and disgraceful way it was handled. Never again."

McCain, during the immediate aftermath of Katrina, when the government failed to respond and people were drowning:

McCain and Bush responding to the Katrina disater

Two dKos links where this was brought up today and inspired this post, in case the link above to the White House website happens to stop working:

Blue Intrigue and BarbinMD

J. Sydney "Let Them Eat Cake" McCain: this man wants to be president in mold of George W. Bush. Be afraid. Be very afraid.