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Open Thread Evening Edition: McClatchy News for Sunday, March 20, 2011

Open Thread: McClatchy News for Saturday, March 19, 2011

Open Thread: McClatchy News for Friday, March 18, 2011

Here are headlines from McClatchy's Washington Bureau and McClatchy Newspapers for Friday, March 18, 2011


U.N. gives Britain, France go-ahead to strike at Gadhafi

France's Draft Resolution on Libya


Safety of Japanese reactors questioned long ago in U.S.

U.S. begins evacuation of Americans in Japan 

U.S. nuclear plants store more spent fuel than Japan's

Pakistan condemns U.S. over drone strike that killed 36

Aristide leaves South Africa for Haiti


Rep. Walter Jones pushes for Afghanistan exit

Pentagon is dividing up Guantanamo detainees for trials

Texas lawmaker's bill protects evolution nonbelievers from discrimination

Kansas lawmakers considering four abortion bills

Alaska lawmakers get increase to office allowances

Graham: U.S. nuclear regulations are 'gold standard'

Government shutdown averted for 3 more weeks

House GOP votes to strip NPR of federal funding


Missouri's long-term unemployed will lose benefits

Nancy Garrido unlikely to get plea deal in Dugard kidnapping case

Doctors believe Gulf baby dolphins deaths are stillborns


King's Muslim hearing put paranoia ahead of facts

Making sense of Middle East turmoil

After Japan, U.S. nuclear industry needs a re-think

Gadhafi has unleashed a bloodbath

In Japan's crisis, old-fashioned values emerge


Suits & Sentences: Barack Obama: Interrogator in Chief?

Planet Washington: Obama on Japan and radiation: Will not reach the United States

Mexico Unmasked: Caramba! 'Little Pea' hits his stride


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Open Thread: McClatchy News for Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here are headlines from McClatchy's Washington Bureau and McClatchy Newspapers for Thursday, March 17, 2011:


With helicopters and live fire, Bahrain cracks down on protests


Japan's crisis intensifies debate: Is nuclear worth it

U.S. officials: Japanese should widen nuclear evacuation zone

Japan nuclear crisis prompts China to halt plans for new plants

Toyota to match American workers donations for Japan relief

Florida sends radiation protection suits to Japan

El Salvador's long-ago civil war still colors U.S. relations

Lawyer: 'Blood money' bought CIA contractor's freedom

Aristide to return to Haiti by Friday

WikiLeaks beef: Mexico's Calderon wants U.S. ambassador out


Texas House approves handguns on college campuses bill

S.C. Lt. Gov. Ard charged with 92 ethics violations

Kansas Senate kills bill denying immigrants' children in-state tuition

EPA to limit coal-fired power plants' toxic emissions

Obama ducks transparency award, but reason isn't clear

Ex-Murkowski rival Joe Miller to hit paid speaking circuit


Imam Abdul Rauf touches on 'Ground Zero mosque' controversy during UNC talk

Poll: Californians support unions but also want pensions capped

Japan crisis impacts Alaska's economy

Three radiation monitoring units are headed to Alaska

Honey producers vote down tax plan

U.S. tops in world wine consumption


PBS plays a vital role in our society

Journalistic stings and ideologically-blinkered tricksters

We taxpayers have let NFL owners, players down

Voter ID will raise barriers to democracy

Rand Paul's toilet tantrum


Suits & Sentences: Arab League, Libya and skin in the game

Planet Washington: Michelle Obama to pen book on WH Garden

Mexico Unmasked: Turning a page on El Salvador's history


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