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Fox News parent company, the 'Enemies list' and an Ethics free zone

Rove says Obama has 'enemies list'
President George W. Bush's former senior adviser went as far as to suggest that Obama was using President Richard Nixon's tactics and having an "enemies list."

You know, I looked at this story, and couldn't for the life of me figure out, after all the terrible things which the Fox News network, especially Karl Rove, say about Democrats, the Obama administration and the man himself, why a line as lame as 'he has a secret enemies list' would even be considered a worthy, creative talking point.
I mean after all isn't the Obama administration going to create death panels, bring in Sharia law, turn the country to communofascisocialism or something like that. Whilst also only having a birth certificate for some foreign country called Hawaii?

You want to know why? I think it has something to do with his employer... Rupert Murdoch being accused of exactly that...

Climate change is a fact, says China

[update - CM1] bumping because this deserves a second look even if it is a quick post.

China correspondent Stephen McDonell

The Chinese Government has described the view that climate change is not man-made as a marginal and "extreme" outlook.

According to Xie Zhenhua, a deputy director at China's powerful National Development and Reform Commission, climate change is a fact based on long-term observation in many countries.

At the annual session of China's National People's Congress, he said that those who advocate that climate change is not man-made are holding an extreme and marginal view.

He said that the majority of the world's scientists believed that climate change has been caused by burning fossil fuels.

He and other officials said that more work needed to be done to ensure that scientific data on climate change was watertight, but the world had no choice but to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

Mr Xie said climate change is not only something that ordinary Chinese people can feel and experience every day, but that it may soon have a huge impact on China's food security and even its economic stability.

They also stated that there is some differing of opinion on what is causing this, however that sensible policy is to recognize and begin to take steps to mitigate the risk.