Nicholas Benton

Nick Benton's Corner: Make Way for the Millennials

by Nicholas Benton, Editor/Publisher of the Falls Church News Press

On the one hand, there's the amusing tag team wrestling match going on among prominent Republicans. Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Michael Steele and Gen. Colin Powell and others are slamming each other around on the mat trying to define what the GOP is supposed to look like going forward.

Nick Benton's Corner: McCain's Neo-Con Rant on Georgia

Posted with permission from Nicholas Benton, owner/editor of the Falls Church News Press,

McCain's Neo-Con Rant on Georgia

It must be appreciated that the current Russian military operation in Georgia comes in the context of eight years of a profoundly-destructive Bush administration thuggish, unilateralist foreign policy. The reckless Bush policy, including its unprovoked invasion and occupation of Iraq, has heightened tensions throughout the world and driven angry wedges where bridges could have been built.
Now, Russia is reacting to a perceived threat on its border much as it was accustomed to doing in the old Cold War days. They're not the good guys in this, but it is clear that the U.S. has been the bad guys for way too long.