Cato solution for getting fresh fruit & veggies to urban residents: Wal-Mart

OK, I'm sometimes slow to get the full upshot. I know many progressives disclaim alot that is heard on NPR these days after the Republican Revolution's successful taming...well, you know. Heck, even NPR station directors say it.

But, this afternoon, after an interesting piece discussing the USDA's local food initiative in which Michelle Obama has been playing a public role, I had the personal "I concede!" moment.

The idea that one should "know your food, know your farmer" was the topic covered with USDA head Tom Vilsack. In it was provided the context of a role for his former constituency of Iowa where it's 'a necessity to support agriculture subsidies' to win elections. Doesn't the gravity of Monsanto also weigh pretty heavily in Iowa politics?

OK, I knew about that sort of thing and, so, was still a little surprised to hear some things I considered to be positive from Obama-appointee Vilsack about the need to boost local production and enable local farmers to be profitable while producing quality edibles. Such as by doubling the value of WIC funds used in purchases by city residents at farmers' markets just a glance away from the White House.

The upshot was that he seemed to be an advocate of the local food program despite not being quite so ready to embrace organic production with both arms nor to make an orphan of the 70% of US agricultural production that comes from 4% of the producers.

Overall, the story delivered better news than I expected.

A 'Nation' Honoring It's Fallen, Past Due

This started out as just a 'to be comment', with the NPR report just below, updating the reports surfacing about the revisit of the policy on our returning soldiers killed in action in the two combat theaters. I kept finding abit more so included, along with an upcoming HBO presentation, this coming weekend, of a documentary on the journal written by an officer as he accompanied a soldier back to his family and community.


Rethinking Media Coverage Of Fallen Troops


Bob Dylan's 'Tell Tale Signs': The Bootlegs

Promoted in order to continue our musically-oriented Saturday; originally posted 2008-10-04 05:34:54 -0500. -- GH

Thought folks might enjoy this, wether a Dylan fan or not, some good stuff and a free listen as well as downloads

It comes from the NPR Music Notes - All Songs Considered newsletter and site.

Exclusive Preview: Bob Dylan's 'Tell Tale Signs'

Summer Reading: A Childrens Book for You Adults

As we wait for the many coming books, I'm sure more will be surfacing, as many try to cleanse their souls, of these last eight years plus, in seeking their higher kingdom, we might have the time to take this seemingly telling descriptive tale into the fold of good reading. We could even make the copies a collective item reminding us, in a comfortable way, of what we've been put through, us and the rest of the world. Comfortable because it might not enrage as we read and study the pictures, like the hard reality of the history will.

Nuclear Disarmament and the Global Trade of Small Weapons

The present administration, as we all know, have done a totally distructive job in the policies it has set forth, with the help of those in congress that fall under the same political umbrella, or at least say they are, Republican and Conservative, as they tried to set about to enforce an Imperialist Presidency!

LOVE and War

Daniel Zwerdling, of NPR, continues his reporting on the Treatment of our returning Military Troops, you know who they are, maybe, those who those 'Support The Troops' magnetic ribbons, now rarely seen, are meant for. Or the significance of those 'Lapel Flag Pins' the politicians and some others harp about, the politicians who Praised a Coming Invasion of anothers little Country but didn't have the the time, nor will, to do their jobs in Oversite, Funding, and simple Investigation!

NPR - Talk of the Nation - Veterans Court, Buffalo NY

5-07-08, NPR's Talk of the Nation had a followup to a previous NPR Report on this, a Veterans Court setup in Buffalo NY. I previously did a post on the first report, and that report can also be found at todays Talk of the Nation site page, in the link below.

Vets in Legal Trouble Find Help in Buffalo Court

Veterans Court - Buffalo NY

Back in January Ilona Meagher, of PTSD Combat-Winning The War Within posted about a Justice Court being set up in Buffalo NY to help Veterans who get into legal trouble you can read her post Here

This Court came together with the help of the local Buffalo chapter membership of Vietnam Veterans of America:

Astronaut Shares His View on the World from 200 miles in Space.

This Sunday on NPR radio's This I Believe Weekend Edition Sunday segment, astronaut Dan Tani shared his thoughts on our beleagured planet. A transcript of his remarks are available online, as is a podcast of his actual broadcast. I found it quite inspiring.

He describes himself as an optimist--

Like many people, I have a job that requires me to take a business trip every now and then. I'm on one right now. As I write this, I'm flying over New Zealand; it looks so beautiful out the window. Unlike most people, however, I'm traveling over 200 miles above the Earth, and I'm going 17,500 miles an hour.

Here are a few more excerpts from this remarks but I recommend listening to his full talk. It is quite brief.

First, I accept the statistical probability that I am not likely to be killed by a terrorist or contract some horrible disease. It's not that I think that everything will work out OK; it's that I think that everything will probably work out OK.

And second, trust. I learned trust from my mother, and in a way, this essay is for her. Two months ago, while I was up here, she died in an accident and of course I have been unable to return to honor her. I have been thinking about her life, which was not an easy one. She was born into poverty, forcibly relocated during World War II, survived the premature deaths of her husband and a son — and yet, her outlook was so life-affirming. She felt that people were good and well-meaning. Sometimes I felt that she trusted too easily, and I was afraid that that stranger she talked to on the street or the airplane might not be as nice as she thought. But I was almost always proven wrong, and I'm so grateful for her example.

His mother was one of the Japanese-Americans who spent WWII in an American concentration camp, so she her trust and optimism were clearly hard fought and impressive.

Just One Base?

I Think Not!

Today we get another followup report Report Faults Mental Care for Iraq Veterans at Upstate Base

Seems as these reports keep coming they all can be considered 'followups', one after the other after the other after the other....., building to what is actually happening to our Military, but Especially the Military Personal that serve, so it seems, not the Country but the whims of the Civilian and some Military Leadership as well as Ideologies not followed by the Majority, as the Nation of Apathy tunes out to their Service and the Care given for same!

WATERTOWN, N.Y. — The four tours in Iraq served by the Second Brigade at Fort Drum here have created an unusual level of stress, especially after the standard Iraq tour was increased to 15 months from 12. Yet according to a new report on the shortcomings of mental health care at the base, a soldier’s wait to be seen for psychological help can take more than a month.

I'll Leave You To Judge {Updated}

This morning on NPR's Morning Edition they had this report:

Iraq Vets Charged with Murder of Fellow Soldier

A soldier who had survived two tours in Iraq and had been sent home after suffering traumatic brain injury was murdered in December in Colorado Springs near Fort Carson, Colo. Army Spc. Kevin Shields was killed, according to police, by three fellow soldiers who had served with him in Iraq.

Army Spc. Kevin Shields was laid to rest on Dec. 15th. 2007

Update: Army Surgeon General Lied!

Back on the 29th I put up a post about an NPR Morning Edition report Army Blocks Disability Paperwork Aid at Fort Drum, the link is to my sites post which I put up on a few others with some added content..
Here is the link to that NPR report.

A soldier described his first briefing with the VA office on base: