Be Careful What You Bargain For...

need to stop looking at the tea parties as separate from the Republican
party, If we do that, we can stand up and create the biggest tent of

- Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC)

Via BarbinMD, we catch a glimpse into the mind of a "Man of Faith" and Tea Party leader:

But that's not just your typical, nameless, racist teabagger, that's the face
of Dale Robertson, the head of, and the man who is
devoted to "developing strategy to bring the Republic back under the
control of ‘We The People.’"

love the tea party movement. We know the tea party movement is a group
of people that Republicans are going to have to actively work with them
and get them involved in their campaigns, and we have to have an agenda
that brings them to our side.”

- NRCC's Guy Harrison