Obama-Clinton 2008

A Nightmare On Pennsylvania Avenue, II: Fright Night for the Right

We've all seen "Part I" of "A Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue" -- it's only now winding down its second release. An unlikely pair of politicos and their powerful supporters swept into power on the wings of prayers, and all hell breaks loose, resulting in the most elaborately produced nightmare that the citizens of this nation and the world have ever seen. The Reich-wingers have been ecstatic; the "director's cut" re-release, in 2004, had them swooning in the streets, until the damn critics finally started showing up and giving their reviews.

Now, after a brief hiatus and a writer's strike, it appears as though the production studio for this flick has collapsed -- but a rival company has picked up the option and is reinventing the premise: now, two powerful figures from the opposition party stand ready to take up residence, and the Right is going into conniptions in anxious dread and trepidation...