Office of Budget and Management

Fears of Recession Prompt Ohio Governor to Offer Worker Buyouts

OhioNews Bureau

ONB COLUMBUS: Wind and snow are cooling off Ohio, as is the specter of an oncoming recession, that could further chill the state’s already ailing economy.

With light snow flakes falling as if they were blown off the canvass of a Norman Rockwell painting, the message Ohio Governor Ted Strickland offered today as a strategy to bolster the budget from the hungry jaws of economic recession probably didn’t warm the cockles of the hearts of state employees, many of whom could be offered early retirement buyouts to get them off the payroll.

Is Ted in the Red? OBM Report Says Buckeyes Should Brace for Bumpy Ride

OhioNews Bureau

ONB COLUMBUS: In a published report today citing growing disparities between state revenues and expenditures, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, the new captain of the ship of state that has drifted off course over 16 years of Republican rule and can’t seem to fix on a solid compass heading leading to smoother seas and brighter skies, has ordered his office of budget and management to slow the engines and stand ready to man the bilge pumps if economic waters roil more than they are now.