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PBS’ MediaShift Story on Bloggers, Journalists Features OhioNews Bureau Credential Rejection Case

OhioNews Bureau

ONB COLUMBUS: Mark Glaser, host of MediaShift, a Public Broadcasting System Weblog devoted to tracking how new media are changing society and culture, posted an informative story Thursday about the blurring of the distinction between bloggers and journalists.

Glaser, a self-described journalist, critic, facilitator and new media expert, said that the “time-worn debate of Bloggers vs. Journalists has finally run its course.” He made his case that while “the extremists in this argument have had the stage shouting at each other,” the reality of this range war is that “mainstream media reporters have started blogging in droves, while larger blog operations have hired seasoned reporters and focused on doing traditional journalism."

OhioNews Bureau Covers SOTS Speech, Despite More Statehouse Press Corps Rejections

OhioNews Bureau

ONB COLUMBUS: Despite the unexplained, follow-the-leader rejections given by the six members of the board of the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association (OLCA) that prevented me from obtaining a one-day only media pass to report on the State of the State speech given in Columbus Wednesday, I covered the speech from the floor of the Ohio House of Representatives, nonetheless.


Ohio Statehouse Press Corps Rejects ePluribus Media Credentials Request

OhioNews Bureau

ONB COLUMBUS: After nearly four months of engaging the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association (OLCA) to review and rule on a request by ePluribus Media to secure Statehouse press corps credentials for three of its journalists, a rejection of those candidates was received Tuesday citing “the appearance of political bias and a lack of adherence to professional journalism standards as referenced in the OLCA constitution,” as reasons arrived at by the group’s board of officers.