Another Direct McClatchy Miss

Phillip Reese/sacbee: The Public Eye:
Pension promises threaten California cities, counties

The premise of the article is fatally flawed, something you will learn if you manage to wade your way through to the last few graphs. It turns out that - rather than Gray Davis, the first goat scaped - the true failure here lands directly in the laps of the investor class. Charged with the single task of maintaining a modicum of growth for their particular funds, they made terrible choices instead, which we are *all* paying for.

How is that the fault of the Unions and a few compliant County managers? It's not, and there's the rub.

If any organization wants to carry the 'news', and if any individual wants to be known as a 'reporter', the baseline requirements are that the facts drive the narrative, not the other way round.

Apparently not at McClatchy.