Net Neutrality -- In the News And On the Edge, Or Not?

Is Net Neutrality now in danger, endangered by some of its former advocates? According to Scott Nichols of PC World and Dana Blankenhorn of ZDNet, no. But other might think so, based on a recent WSJ story where the lede misleads: Google Wants Its Own Fast Track on the Web

According to Nichols,

The Wall Street Journal today posted an article claiming that Google, as well as other Net neutrality advocates, were abandoning or softening their views on Net neutrality. The Wall Street Journal specifically attacks Google's OpenEdge project as a means by which Google can have its own content given bandwidth priority over other web sites.

Nichols has a harsh assessment of the WSJ as a result:

It is a simple matter of a publication favoring fear mongering over actual news.

Ouch.  And that's not all...