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CANNED! (A Story about food written for Orangeclouds115)

This story is written dedicated to Orangeclouds who lost her job but has the best damn food blog on the web. Drop in, pre-order her book and check out exmearden's ad. 2009-03-18 09:08:51 -0500. Bumped by carol.

I did my penance in tomatoes.

I had been looking forward to Orangeclouds' Local Food Party in Austin for months. Months! I had read Barbara Kingsolver's Book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle in preparation. I'd had orgasms thinking about all the networking I would do. And then, the night of OC's party, I simply forgot to go.

After transcribing most of Orangeclouds' excellent panel on food policy verbatim, old eating habits took over and I went out for Chinese food. It was like one of those dreams where you forget  to take your college entrance exams. Except it was real.