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It is nearing the end of Silly Season - Bring on the Crazy

There has been a lot of recent news on violence and even the typical dirty tricks of the campaign season, but the BBC was kind enough to document some of funny crazy, the things that candidates and campaigns have done that are so crazy you have to laugh at them:

US elections 2010: Craziest campaign moments

There are few more more compelling political spectacles than an American election. It seems that each cycle, the public is treated to more and more entertaining gaffes, one-liners and downright strange behaviour.

It's hard to forget John Kerry wind surfing or Michael Dukakis's adventures in an armoured tank. Sarah Palin's joke in 2008 about the difference between a pit-bull and a hockey mom (lipstick) was rated hilarious by some and cringe-inducing by others.

But have this year's political antics reached a new level of craziness?

Here are nine memorable moments.

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