A Passover Health Care D'var Torah

The Torah reading this week is from Exodus, and begins with God telling Moses that the Israelites have made the golden calf, and that Moses had better get down and deal with them before God gets really mad.  And deal with it he does - he makes the Israelites drink water containing the ashes of the golden calf, the Levites kill thousands, and when Moses ascends the mountain to intervene on the people's behalf,

The Lord sent a plague upon the people for what they did with the calf that Aaron made.  Exodus 32:35

Plagues abound in the Passover story.  There are ten plagues in Egypt before Pharaoh will let the Israelites leave, culminating with the plague of the first born.  At the seder we remember the plagues by taking a drop of wine out of our wine glass as we name each one, because our joy is diminished by the suffering of others.