Paul Sullivan

Just One Base?

I Think Not!

Today we get another followup report Report Faults Mental Care for Iraq Veterans at Upstate Base

Seems as these reports keep coming they all can be considered 'followups', one after the other after the other after the other....., building to what is actually happening to our Military, but Especially the Military Personal that serve, so it seems, not the Country but the whims of the Civilian and some Military Leadership as well as Ideologies not followed by the Majority, as the Nation of Apathy tunes out to their Service and the Care given for same!

WATERTOWN, N.Y. — The four tours in Iraq served by the Second Brigade at Fort Drum here have created an unusual level of stress, especially after the standard Iraq tour was increased to 15 months from 12. Yet according to a new report on the shortcomings of mental health care at the base, a soldier’s wait to be seen for psychological help can take more than a month.

"Veterans - all their benefits are mere gratuities,"

Veterans' Suicide Risk {Updated}

Last night, 11-13-2007, CBS News had an Exclusive Report on Returning Iraq and Afganistan Veterans who committed Suicides, it was a stunning report, and once again showed the Lessons of 'Nam Not Learned, by an Apathedic, Flag Waving, War Cheering, America!

Below you will find four of the Video's, from CBS, on this report, the links, repeated after each, will give you Much More if you visit the CBS News Site.