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Dr. SteveB Writes on PBS Self-Censorship; Middleman; Stock Puppet


In this post DrSteveB covers a number of topics starting with an emerging scandal over PBS' latest health care documentary.

PBS FRONTLINE "Sick Around America"

After the relatively outstanding PBS Frontline documentary "Sick Around the World" which looked at how health care is funded and delivered in other countries, many of us were looking forward to hearing from  T.R. Reid in his follow-up "Sick Around America." 

To our surprise, Mr. Reid was missing. And to paraphrase and summarize Trudy Lieberman's piece on it over at the Columbia Journalism Review, the show was disjointed, confusing, misleading and kinda sucked. It turns out those two facts are probably connected.  

In the earlier "Sick Around the World," T.R. Reid gave an accurate and entertaining portrayal of several single-payer-like health systems around the world. Many reform advocates hoped this new documentary would discuss single payer as an option for the United States, too, particularly given its popularity among the U.S. public.