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EMERGENCY continues: South Dakota Native American Reservations

Folks, there's a serious weather emergency going on in the middle of the United States that needs your help and further attention. We were fortunate to have a recent post here from navajo to bring our attention to it, now I'd like to remind folks to go to the ongoing effort that is contained within a diary at DailyKos in order to do what you can to help our Native American brothers and sisters -- our fellow Americans -- in need. Even more snow has arrived, making things that much more desperate.

From the current DailyKos diary, updated by TiaRachel:

Background:Centuries of abuse and neglect of the original inhabitants of what is now the United States has not ended. Our reservations are still like third world countries. When massive ice storms and high winds hit the reservations in the Dakotas mid January poor housing, weak heating systems, sparse cupboards, lack of warm clothing and health problems make it difficult to survive. Add to that a utilities infrastructure that was brought to its knees on the Cheyenne River Reservation when 3000 poles and power lines came down from 6 inches of ice weight also crippling the water system. Ongoing storm conditions hampered repair. The reservation has been without power since Jan. 21st and Federal funds are still weeks away.

update Feb 5 11-ish PM EST: News reports are saying that 'most' of the power has been turned back on, but water (& keeping that power from being shut off) continues to be a problem.

Please help in any way you can, even if only by helping to spread this information and link back to the DailyKos piece for updated news, information and ways to help.

Thank you.