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Nephew of Justice Thomas Tased and Beaten

From Raw Story:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is reportedly "outraged" after security guards at a New Orleans-area hospital were accused of punching and tasing his epileptic nephew, a news report states.

Derek Thomas was admitted to West Jefferson Hospital in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Thursday, after a possible suicide attempt, reports ABC affiliate WGNO.

When the Supreme Court justice's nephew refused to put on a hospital gown and said he wanted to leave the hospital, doctors ordered security to restrain him.

Security guards "punched him in his lip, pulled out more than a fistful of his dreadlocks and tasered him to restrain him," a statement from Thomas' family said.

Best wishes to the Thomas family and I hope his nephew, who suffered massive epileptic seizures after the incident, will be ok. The ABC video report below the fold.

The Trouble with Tasers

I first became interested in this subject back in 2007. At that time, a University of Florida student (Andrew Meyer) had attended a speech by Senator John Kerry and asked him questions afterwards. The student had asked Senator Kerry a series of questions that Kerry was perfectly ready, willing and able to answer, however the police at the event didn’t approve of the things Meyer has said. They cut the power to his microphone, threw him on the ground, pinned him, handcuffed him and then used a taser to assault him.