What is the truth? How do people know the truth? From the left, it often includes a lot of frustration and rightfully so. The truth is that we are blaming the wrong people. How do you know the truth. Proof. There was a time when a reporter could not post a story without two valid sources.

Now the truth can often be one person's truth. That is fine. That is free speech. As long as the person is honest, and states that this is his/her truth, it is free speech. But this is not appropriate for any legitimate news organization.

War on Terror? Criminal Terrorism!! The Rand Report

On the 29th of July an extremely important think tank report, paid for by the government, came forth from the Rand Corporation, a favorite of the Pentagon on National Security matters.

I heard the report early that morning on a news blip on NPR and went over to the Rand Site and found the report. I then posted about it on a number of sites as well as sent it out, all with back links.

Rollover Moments

Meyers+Herzenhorn/SFGate-NYT: Democrats rip Bush's pocket veto of military policy bill

John Warner of Virginia, who led Senate Republicans in drafting the defense policy bill, said he was swayed by the administration's arguments that the section could endanger Iraq's new government.

Rumor has it the good Senator (pic @ right) has been voluntarily "swayed" in the past, though such a charge is difficult to prove. We know the practice has been banned as a violation of Natural Law - given society's abhorrence to interspecies relationships - but thusfar the dog refuses to discuss the case, and the sheepherder got the flock out of town.