Nick Benton's Corner: The Decade from Hell

Was this, as Time magazine suggests, really the “Decade from Hell?”

Actual reality, of course, can't be broken up into the neat packages of time, such as decades, that humanity has devised in the form of clocks and calendars. We worship those inventions, and it is universally accepted to place in them the inordinate powers we prescribe to anniversaries and other features of an occult-like numerology.

Is the Obama Campaign Going to the Dogs?

Looks like those of us Obama supporters need to mount a rescue operation. PICTURES PLEASE! The Associated Press reports that the AP/Yahoo poll shows that pet lovers support McCain 42-37%. Why? no poochies on Obama's porch. Apparently McCain has dogs, turtles, a cat, a ferret, parakeets and fish.

Why are Wives or Husbands, Mothers or Fathers Sacrificing...

So much, while the Country isn't asked to Sacrifice a Damn Thing?

Today the puppeteers pulled the puppets strings and the puppet says it will veto the Defense Department bill passed by the House and Senate containing

The bill is important to members of the military and their families, since it provides for a 3.5 percent pay raise for the troops and contains measures intended to improve the much-criticized health-care system for veterans.