prisoners of war

"Tears in the Darkness"

"There are no winners in a war."

I sometimes listen to The Diane Rehm show while I'm exercising and today I checked out a program aired in June, that featured an interview with the husband and wife team , Michael and Elizabeth Norman, who wrote the just published book  "Tears in the Darkness," the story of of what happened to the 76,000 Phillipine and American troops who were forced to surrender to the Japanese in 1942 after a four-month war fought under the command of Douglas MacArthur.

Military Proposes Execution for Key Guantanamo POW's

Right! You can't call them prisoners of war, they were enemy combatants or better yet detainees. The news is that the military is seeking the execution of six prisoners at "G'itmo" (that's another cozy sounding word.) There is a slight problem for the military in that the prisoners would have access to the civilian appeals court process.