From Rosa Parks to Shelia Smoot: 90 yrs after the Civil War to today in Alabama (AL-07)

I was surprised to learn that an African American woman has NEVER been elected to a full term to represent the state of Alabama in the House of Representatives.

My goal today is to help change that.

When last I wrote about one of my heroes, Rosa Parks, it was to illustrate how the right would roll back the Civil Rights act to allow discrimination in the name of economic freedom.

145 years after the Civil War, much has changed, but more should change, until we truly achieve the Change We Can Believe In!.

In 2010, it is finally time to elect an African American woman to a full term in Congress to serve the State of Alabama in the House of Representatives!

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Church Shooting, Another Terrorists Attack!!!!!!!

Just like School Shootings and one can name a whole range of Tragic incidents that fall under the Exact Description we give of Terrorism, in the Theaters of Iraq and Afghanistan and around the World. Nobody has stopped Terrorists Attacks in this Country, this one for the Hate against what the shooter was led to believe about a Political Ideology he didn't understand, nor even his own!!

Chief: Church gunman says he acted out of 'hatred for the liberal movement'

Beyond Eternal Vigilance: Creating a Better Society

Promoted by GH. Originally posted 2008-07-11 19:59:29 -0500. Important questions and reflections...

It looks like the Democrats are going to be in power. Even my old conservative father has switched parties. The Republican dynasty is coming to a close.

So now what? Are we going to get the change we've all been hoping for? The signs are not good: