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Dear CNN: Tell us something liberals did not already know about healthcare reform

"Taxes are popular and Americans want Americans to pay more progressive taxes, too. Healthcare reform would be popular if it were not for a mandate to buy crappy private insurance."
- Liberal America

CNN did a poll on healthcare reform and taxes and it is interesting to note that the minority of Americans that are conservative are the minority of Americans that are conservative. Do the math. If they were not, why would the liberal's view of these issues hold so true across the board on the big issues of our day? D'uh! Andthe fact that, exactly as the liberals told everyone, the mandate would be unpopular across the board is supposed to be surprising?

Fair Fines and Flatulence Taxes for the Half-Glass Empty Class

I'm so happy I found this haven for lost diaries... Again, I posted this at the KOS and watched it slide down the great orange slopes. Again, it was rescued, and praised by a few diligent readers there. And, again, I bring it to you. Thank you for being here.

"I guess it depends if you're a half-glass empty guy or a half-glass full guy."
—George W. Bush

Ever get a parking ticket when you were a half-glass empty guy? Or maybe you were a full-glass full guy, in Bernie Madoff's old neighborhood, and you've had some million dollar months? A $100 equals a tenth of a grand a month, one ten-thousandth of a million. If you make $50,000 a year (a little above the median), that ticket is 0.024% of your monthly income. If you make $12 million  per year, it's 0.0001%, approximately 240 times less than the median American's unhappiness over the same violation.

A flat tax would be more fair than a flat fine. At least with flat income taxes, we'd all be paying the same percentage of our income.

Dwindling tax revenues force governments to look for ways to balance their budgets. Draconian nose amputations are showing up in emergency rooms all over America. More are on their way. Regressive taxes are just worsening the pain on the lowest earners.