Playing The Race Card - "The "How To" Guide on Scaring White People."

h/t the Maddow Blog and via GiantMag.com we get a pretty funny (and slightly profanity laced) look at how the right wing and GOP is dealing race from the bottom of the deck:

"The "How To" Guide on Scaring White People."

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The Argument Against a Post-Racial Society

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The Argument Against a Post-Racial Society

I recently read a letter to an editor suggesting that race should stop being used as a descriptive element in news stories. While I fully understand the writer's sentiment, isn't the fact that President Obama the first Black leader of the free world news? And beyond that, I don't think our goal in this country should be to do away with difference, but rather, to embrace and promote it.

The primary characteristic that makes the United States different from virtually every other country in the world is that we are a quilt as oppose to a blanket, and that very patchwork of varying cultures is what makes us more, rather than less. That isn't to say that we're the only country that's made up of different cultures, but rather, we are the only country that is defined by difference. Thus, one of the greatest gifts that America can contribute to the world is the understanding that "difference" is a good thing rather than the reverse.

We need to quickly get over the significance of the “The First Black President”

Promoted by roxy - originally posted 2008-11-05 13:26:10 -1000. Our friend from across the pond makes some excellent points. Discussion?

To many, many Americans, the meaning and deeply powerful significance of Barack Obama becoming President elect lies so completely in the history of their families and their communities and their nation that any comment from Wales is little more than an impertinence.

Of course, it is not such a remote thing I am not tremendously moved.

Analyzing the Bradley Effect -- Discussion


Bronxdem reviews the "Bradley Effect" -- so called because of discrepancy between the polling that said Bradley would win the California governorship and the actual outcome where he lost. Many attributed this to voters responding dishonestly to the polling. Bronxdem takes another look and analyzes the sociological reasoning behind questions, questioners, and those who answer.

Give it a read and see if her analysis rings true.




Barack Obama: The Great American Melting Pot, Personified

How many people remember this?

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Head below the fold to see what made me think of it, and why -- and yes, the title is a dead giveaway.

The racial implications of a Barack Obama Presidency

by Mikhail Lyubansky

This is heresy I know, since most of the white majority likes to pretend that it’s colorblind, but race needs to be part of the calculus in the November election for all voters. Of course, it was never not going to be part of the equation. And race is certainly part of the explicit discourse for Black voters, as it always is. My point is that it's high time white folks join in the discussion and acknowledge that it matters. Because it does.

Omar Wasow Delivers the Keynote Speech at the Race and New Media Conference


On Saturday May 3rd, 2008 the first annual Race and New Media conference was held at the CUNY campus of New York City College of Technology. The conference was held as a platform for panel discussions on topics of race, new media, politics and religion, and included an insightful keynote speech by Omar Wasow, omarwasow.com. Wasow is a co-founder and ongoing strategic advisor of BlackPlanet.com. Under Wasow's leadership, BlackPlanet.com became the leading website for African Americans, reaching over three million people a month. Wasow has been featured on TV segments for NBC's Today Show and public radio's Tavis Smiley Show, exposing modern issues of technology.

Race the Great!

Its is projected that the combined population of American Minority groups will
outnumber whites in the next fifty years. Many rural and urban enviornments are already finding diversity in similar propotions. American history is filled with examples of racial and ethnic discrimination; during slavery "seperate but equal" as an educational plan struck down by Brown vs. Topeka, legal discrimination against members of minority groups,underemplyment and undepayment of ethnic group members.

The day I found out I had a bi-racial child.

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A few weeks ago I was talking with some people about Obama's A More Perfect Union speech, and the discussion led to a discussion of race in general...

It was one of those conversations that became a little heated, causing others who walk in on it to be taken aback. They weren't there to adjust to the slowly climbing temperatures.

George Lakeoff Weighs in on Obama Speech

George Lakeoff's 2004 book Don't Think of an Elephant had an enormous effect on Democrats, reeling from the Kerry election defeat. Since them there have been a slew of books making the case that Democrats need to learn the lesson that Republicans had already successfully assimilated. The need to "frame" the discussion of politics issues in relation to the deeper values held by the electorate.

A slew of books followed such as Jeffrey Feldman's Framing the Debate, and most recently What Orwell Didn't Know a compilation of articles on the subject. Now Lakeoff writes about Barack Obama's recent speech on race relations.